Over the years I have met many people that shrink design to making chairs, a symbolic definition of objects that people interact on daily basis. No one values a good chair as much as I do: I appreciate beautiful products, high quality materials and comfort. Though as a designer I have to say for myself that I do not want to focus only on these aspects, because nothing exists in isolation - 'a chair' is a part of a larger context.

We live in a fast changing world, accelerated by constantly evolving technology and we carry responsibility for materials we use and concepts we create. As a long path consists of many small steps, sustainable future we all need could be achieved with multiple projects and everyday choices.

The question: ‘What kind of designer do you want to be?’, has accompanied me along the thorny way of becoming one. With professional growth, my vision has shaped. I want to design for people, I want to design to improve the quality of life, I want to design responsibly for the future.

Instagram: @polina_baikina