Provenance and Period:

DAE. Eindhoven, 2017

Tempus is a concept for a biotechnological body module that gives humans the possibility to feel time and time flows intuitively.

It was created as the human experience demands more and more productivity and experi- ence in shorter amounts of time. Mankind is overflown with data, information and happenings. Taking breaks or waiting times nowadays are filled with doing something, like scrolling on Facebook. Our information density is always bigger. People in general walk 10% faster than 10 years ago. But the human body is not designed to withstand this fast beating society it creat- ed, resulting in burn outs, mental breakdowns and general fatigue. We need to understand that time is an element in which we move - like fish in water. Time is change, time is evolution. This is why we need a better understanding of time and how to use it. We need to adapt to the ticking of the clock as well as listen better to our bodies.

This is what Tempus - The Sense For Time aims to enhance through precise electrical pulses that control our hormone system creating sensory data interpreted as feelings and emotions, which is easier to understand for our body than any visual or acoustic input.

Concept, design and development:

Polina Baikina, Varvara Lazareva, Manuel Pelligrini


2017 Call for Cyborgs Launch, The Embassy of Robot Love, DDW, Eindhoven, Netherlands