MyCo. Personal AI Coach

Provenance and Period:

DAE. Eindhoven, 2017

The project is based on a research of tech trends, namely of algorithms that have taken over social networks, search engines, entertainment companies, etc. They control the information that we have access to, gently nudge us to consumption, shape our movie and music preferences.

MyCo is a wearable personal AI coach, that analyses the speech in combination with lifestyle, habits and physiological state. MyCo helps keep track of goals, be efficient and successful. MyCo analyses the speech of other people as well, in order to give advice, for example, at a job interview. User can get a real time feedback with bone conductivity function or a custom made earbud, completely invisible to another person.

There are several options of notification mode: vibration, sound, light or temperature. The light on the interface will indicate a new message about the owner or counterpart. In case the user wants to keep the device concealed, it can give a notification about a message by slightly warming up. Customers may choose any colour for their device.

The prototype is interactive. It works via an Arduino and a Bluetooth, controlled through the MIT App Inventor application, with an inbuilt function of speech recognition. The bone conductivity is represented by a transducer, that plays pre-recorded messages.


Tests with shape, thickness and silicone type.
Tests with heating element power and silicone thickness.